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Hello Achim,

Saturday, December 29, 2007, 10:27:21 PM, you wrote:

>> for me, natural selection is the Nature's process of thinking. if you
>> need to solve some problem you know some ways to try it.
> And, pray, what problem does the nature wants to solve that it thinks in
> the way of all history until now?

making the Superhero who will kill'em all. and it's already very close

Natural Selection is process of allocation limited resources between
self-developed creatures, be it in economics (as described by Adams),
between animals (described by Darwin), or between societies

with some conditions (which met in all these 3 situations) this leads
to developing these creatures into the direction of better utilizing
the resources and displace their "competitors" out of world. so they
become more and more developed in this aspect, but because it's very
general process, such features as psychics/intelligence, technical
superiority and culture are developed (they are really just aux.
instruments to reach the main and only goal)

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