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Hello Achim,

Saturday, December 29, 2007, 9:22:40 PM, you wrote:

> "I think we should jump, eax is zero and I don't want to get
> redesigned."

> It's all about natural selection, it seems. Heretics get burned in both
> worlds.

for me, natural selection is the Nature's process of thinking. if you
need to solve some problem you know some ways to try it. these ways
wasn't discovered by you, you just learnt them in the school. and
their creators don't started from scratch - they used some previous,
more general methods. but where may be the PRIMARY source of wisdom?
it may be only natural selection - this process generates *random*
ideas and check them against some conditions. it's even not important
what are these particular conditions - anyway, this turns at the last
end into the general mechanism of solving problems, which in turn
leads into development of general mechanism that makes mechanisms to
solve problems - it's human. their mind was created to solve problems
of survival and reproduction (it's the particular problem solved by
natural selection) but this mind was created so general that it was
used as general mechanism of solving problems in any other areas.
humans was just first creatures of n.s. whose mind becomes so general
that it can be programmed to solve other types of problems. it's
impossible to use bears to program computers, build bridges and teach

you can compare this to birth of programming languages - the first
ones was created to solve particular problems but this idea turned out
to be so useful that these languages was started to be used outside
initial goal

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