[Haskell-cafe] Wikipedia on first-class object

Cristian Baboi cristi at ot.onrc.ro
Thu Dec 27 02:18:01 EST 2007


The term was coined by Christopher Strachey in the context of “functions  
as first-class citizens” in the mid-1960's.[1]

Depending on the language, this can imply:
1.  being expressible as an anonymous literal value
2.  being storable in variables
3.  being storable in data structures
4.  having an intrinsic identity (independent of any given name)
5.  being comparable for equality with other entities
6.  being passable as a parameter to a procedure/function
7.  being returnable as the result of a procedure/function
8.  being constructable at runtime
9.  being printable
10. being readable
11. being transmissible among distributed processes
12. being storable outside running processes

I'll guess that 5,9,12 does not apply to Haskell functions.

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