[Haskell-cafe] Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.8.2

John Dorsey haskell at colquitt.org
Fri Dec 21 15:48:59 EST 2007

(Moving to the cafe)

On a related topic, I've been trying to build 6.8.2 on Leopard lately.
I've been running up against the infamous OS X readline issues.  I know
some builders here have hacked past it, but I'm looking for a good
workaround... ideally one that works without changes outside the GHC
build area (besides installing a real readline).

Here's what I noticed before I started drowning in the build platform.
(I'm no gnu-configure expert nor GHC insider.)

I can get gnu-readline installed from Macports, no problem.

The top-level configure in GHC doesn't respond to my various attempts:

o  using --with-readline-libraries and --with-readline-includes
	(Although it looks like the libraries/readline/configure script
	might recognize these, I can't get an option to pass through.)
o  setting LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS environment variables (with
	-L/opt/local/lib and -I/opt/local/include resp.) in my shell
	before running configure
o  playing with the above settings and others in a mk/build.mk

Until Apple fixes their broken-readline issue (maybe when the readline
compatibility of libedit improves)... maybe the top-level configure can
pass through flags or settings somehow?

For those who've built with readline on OS X:  have you had to resort to
blasting the existing readline library link, or is there a configuration
option within the GHC tree that you've gotten to work?

Should I be filing a trac bug instead of asking here?

Thanks for any help.  There's no urgency for me; I'm just trying to get
a working environment at home; I'd prefer to be able to bootstrap from
the ground up; and I'd like to be able to contribute to testing/debugging
on OSX.


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