[Haskell-cafe] upgrading regex in GHC 6.8.2

Michael Mounteney gate03 at landcroft.co.uk
Thu Dec 20 22:28:12 EST 2007

Hello, I have an application that uses/used Text.Regex and have just updated 
GHC from 6.6.1 to 6.8.2 and it seems that Text.Regex is gone, so I'm trying 
to install the replacement from Hackage.

First of all, the procedure is quite tedious as one has to install the 
hierarchy of dependencies manually but apparently there are moves to automate 
this process.

The procedure stalled on regex-base-0.92.  I fixed the build-depends in 
regex-base.cabal to:

Build-Depends:    base >= 2.0, mtl, containers >=, bytestring, array

following information I found via an internet search but on runghc Setup.hs 
install it says:

Setup.hs: Error: Could not find module: Text.Regex.Base with any suffix: 

It seems that it is necessary to remove the Text.Regex.Base and 
Text.Regex.Base.Impl entries from the Exposed-Modules: line but then 
regex-posix build complains that it can't find Text.Regex.Base.  I tried 
various hackery like compiling Text/Regex/Base.hs manually but even when 
Text/Regex/Base.hi exists, the runghc Setup.hs install error message above 
still occurs.

What is happening ?

Michael Mounteney,+618 4311 11547

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