[Haskell-cafe] instance Monad Either?

Philip Weaver philip.weaver at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 16:39:18 EST 2007

On Dec 20, 2007 1:35 PM, Eric <eeoam at ukfsn.org> wrote:

> According to this
> <
> http://www.randomhacks.net/articles/2007/03/10/haskell-8-ways-to-report-errors
> >
> Either is an instance of class Monad, but when I try to use the do
> notation I get a compiler error. What's going on?

It would help if you'd provide an example of how you're trying to use it and
what the error message is.  Thanks!

It's actually Either String, not Either, that can be an instance of Monad.
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