[Haskell-cafe] [HXT] Simple question

Fernand quarantedeux42 at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 19 06:45:55 EST 2007


I'm using HXT (7.4) with GHC to make some XML transformations (BTW,
congratulations to the maintainers of that package for their impressive 

Everything works fine except for the fact that all the nodes « <this> 
</this> »
(that is, a space (an XML text node whose contents are a single space 
within a <this> element node) get transformed to a « <this/> » element node,
which I do not want (I want to keep those nodes as they are). Note that my
transformations do not change the <this> nodes or their children
(my transformations works on others parts of the document).

This seems to be related to the XML parsing or writing of the XML file, 
and I have tried
several read/write options (using a_remove_whitespace and a_canonicalize 
with v_0, for
both writing and reading) to prevent this behaviour, without success.

I have even tried to add text childs nodes to all the empty <this> nodes,
but the issue seems to lie in the XML output options.

Has anybody an idea ?

Excuse me if this is a trivial issue,

Sincerely yours

Excuse my french, it's my mother tongue.

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