[Haskell-cafe] New to Haskell: The End

Reinier Lamers reinier.lamers at phil.uu.nl
Tue Dec 18 08:33:55 EST 2007

Cristian Baboi wrote:
> Haskell strengts as I see them:
> - it is "lazy with class"
> - it is strongly typed
> - it has automatic memory management
> - it has a standard library
> - it has a compiler
> - it is available on several platforms
> - it has a community
> - it is free
> Is there anything you would like to add ? 
That list describes Java right on (apart from the "lazy with class", 
which sounds Larry-Wall-ish though and might as well mean Perl :-)).

Higher-order functions, purity, pattern-matching, no-nonsense syntax, 
algebraic data types, ...


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