[Haskell-cafe] Compiling GLFW / SOE on Windows

Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Mon Dec 17 15:29:34 EST 2007



This might be a tip for people trying to compile the GLFW package bundled
with SOE on Windows. I had to because I slightly modified the GLFW source


The SOE readme.txt says:


"For Win32 users, you'll need MinGW environment to compile

GLFW. If "make win32-mgw" is unable to execute compile.bat

propperly, use "compile.bat mgw". Please also make sure

that your MinGW path should come before the GHC's gcc-lib

path in the PATH environment."


However, the readme.html file has the following note:


Do not use the MSYS shell for compiling GLFW, because the supplied batch

file "compile.bat" will only work under a Windows command prompt (or MS-DOS



To get it working, I basically needed to modify my PATH environment variable
so that it contains the MSYS bin folder (in my case C:\app\msys\1.0\bin),
and then run "COMPILE.bat make mgw" file using the Windows command prompt
(CMD.EXE) instead of the MSYS unix shell emulator...




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