[Haskell-cafe] #haskell works

Roman Leshchinskiy rl at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sat Dec 15 19:18:46 EST 2007

Tim Chevalier wrote:
> I think that's an awfully definite statement to make, given that C and
> Haskell are very different languages, given how many high-level
> optimizations are possible in Haskell that aren't in C, and given how
> much higher programmer productivity is in Haskell than C. For example,
> as above, loop unrolling turns out to be just a special case of
> inlining. That's not true in C. The simplicity of Haskell (or rather,
> Core) means it's easy to implement a lot of things with a great deal
> of generality, an advantage that gcc doesn't have.

While this is true in general, loop optimisations are not a particularly 
good example, IMO. For them to be effective, you often have to consider 
things like instruction scheduling and register pressure which you can't 
really do on the Core level.


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