[Haskell-cafe] Re: #haskell works

Peter Hercek phercek at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 09:29:53 EST 2007

Andrew Coppin wrote:
> (I suppose I could try writing a nop program and timing it. But 
> personally I don't have any way of timing things to that degree of 
> accuracy. I understand there are command line tools on Unix that will do 
> it, but not here.)

You can try for example this one http://www.pc-tools.net/win32/ptime/
  to measure times better on windows. I tried the above prg few years ago
  and it seemed to work. If you do not mind installing cygwin then you
  can get time command from it.

The only problem is that both ptime and cygwin time do not add times
  of child processes to the result. Unix tools do that by default (since
  child accounting info is added to parent process if the child is
  waited for).

If you want to add children time to your result you probably need to
  write your own utility for win32 timing. It should be something like
  100 lines of C code. See QueryInformationJobObject win32 api function
  to start. I know only one commercial tool which can take children
  time into account on windows. If you would write it and decide to
  release it under a free license, let me know :)


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