[Haskell-cafe] JOB OFFER / Haskell for commercial projects?

Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Fri Dec 14 14:51:32 EST 2007

Hello Happy Haskellers,


I had to abandon improving my newbie Haskell skills the past weeks; I was
busy creating a new startup company and finalizing financial funding for a
cool project related to realtime "2D/3D animation and games".


As I'm the CTO of this new company, and since I kinda like Haskell, I might
consider creating a first prototype of the project using Haskell.


However, this will be a commercial project. The software will be freely
downloadable but not open source.  However, if succesful, a highly priced
professional version of the software might be created.


Although I'm pretty sure GHC can be used for creating a private inhouse
prototype, the prototype might evolve into the final product, and so my
question is, which Haskell compilers & tools can:

(1) be used to build commercial projects

(2) be shipped with commercial projects (our project might call into the
interpreter/compiler at runtime.)

(3) be indirectly used by commercial projects (in the sense that the user
will have to manually download and install the compiler)


Furthermore, is the Haskell community willing to provide the excellent help
(as in this forum and on IIRC) for commercial Haskell projects?


That said, anybody who might be interested in getting a (paid J) Haskell job
(parttime or fulltime) in the field of computer animation and games (but
also (visual) programming languages, interpreters & compilers), please
mailto:peter at nazooka.com. Preferable you will work onsite (in Belgium /
Antwerp - the city of diamonds J), although working remote is also an
option. You will make software that will be initially used by computer
artists (that among other things made parts of
<http://www.cgchannel.com/gallery/viewimage.jsp?imgID=547> "The Girl",
Xyanide <http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/xyanide/index.html> , and many
<http://www.nazooka.com/site/html/index.php?p=movieplayer&m=showreel> ),
that will be demonstrated at SIGGRAPH <http://www.siggraph.org/> , and will
be released to the public in a later stage. 


Cheers to all,

Peter Verswyvelen


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