[Haskell-cafe] [OT] A nice organized collection of threads in Haskell-Cafe

Vimal j.vimal at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 22:06:11 EST 2007

Thanks for the info.

> Vimal wrote:
> > What is the difference between In-Reply-To and References?
> There was a time In-Reply-To was for emails and References was for Usenet.

My friend wrote a parser for Haskell-cafe messages from the mailman
archives as suggested.

He told that there were a lot of messages that he had to reject
because they didnt have a valid In-Reply-To header. i.e., the
In-Reply-To header referred to some message that wasnt in the list of

Perhaps it was from another month's message!

On 11/12/2007, Albert Y. C. Lai <trebla at vex.net> wrote:

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