[Haskell-cafe] [OT] A nice organized collection of threads in Haskell-Cafe

Albert Y. C. Lai trebla at vex.net
Sat Dec 8 11:53:10 EST 2007

Vimal wrote:
> I am working on a product to analyze posts made in Forums, Usenet and
> discussion mailing lists like Haskell-Cafe. For this, I require the
> messages to be accessible in this format:
> <forum> (* example: Haskell-cafe *)
>  [  list of -
>  <thread>
>    [ list of -
>      <post>
>      </post>
>    ]
>  </thread>
>  ]
> </forum>

Research into the "Message-ID:" "In-Reply-To:" "References:" headers. 
They give complete information. In short, they give a pointer tree, 
child pointing to parent or ancestors.

(Corollary: A thread is a tree of posts, not a flat list of posts. The 
most brain-damaging effect of using a web forum is assuming a thread is 
a flat list of posts.)

Some reply posts lack "In-Reply-To:" "References:" headers because their 
authors fail to choose compliant software or know the issue. Some 
non-reply posts (genuinely new topic, not even digression from existing 
ones) contain "In-Reply-To:" "References:" headers because their authors 
fail to know the issue and just hit "reply" to write new posts. All 
these are because the "everyone can haz PC" movement failed to educate 
everyone. You can cope by looking at "Subject:".

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