[Haskell-cafe] a positive challenge for the Haskell effort .....

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Wed Dec 5 07:04:51 EST 2007

Galchin Vasili wrote:
> http://code.enthought.com/enthon/ .. how do Haskell libraries/packages 
> stack up against this challenge?

I suspect this question is rather nontrivial to answer.

There's a library to do X. Well, yes, but is it any good? (Does it have 
a nice API? Is it flexible? Is it reliable and bug-free? Is it 
efficient? etc.) Cateloging this information for both sides and then 
making a meaningful comparison would probably require a small grant, 9 
months and a team of consultants.

Anybody feel like giving me a small grant BTW? :-D

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