[Haskell-cafe] doing builds using cygwin on Windows

Galchin Vasili vigalchin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 19:09:19 EST 2007

To Nanonthief ......

VasiliIGalchin wrote:
> " .. however, I don't see in which file PATH can be set. Any help? I
> really
> want to get my Haskell build environment set up and cranking away.
Unless I misunderstood what you want, you can add a path to the PATH
variable by adding the line:
export PATH="$PATH:/path/to/folder"
to the ~/.bashrc file (and also possibly the ~/.bash_profile file).

I've also tried to build haskell with cygwin, but didn't have any luck.
Could you describe how you managed to do it?


nanothief ... here is what I decided to add to unix.cabal .. and I am
getting farther ...

build-depends:    base, directory
extensions:    CPP, ForeignFunctionInterface
include-dirs:     include c:/cygwin/usr/include <<< added
cygwin                                                         include path
includes:       HsUnix.h execvpe.h
        HsUnix.h HsUnixConfig.h execvpe.h
c-sources:    cbits/HsUnix.c cbits/execvpe.c
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