[Haskell-cafe] Possible Improvements

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Mon Dec 3 13:55:36 EST 2007

Johan Tibell wrote:
> It would be great if someone could exemplify these "rules of thumb",
> e.g. "Primitive types such as Int should be strict unless in the three
> canonical examples X, Y and Z." My strictness radar is still quite
> poor and I feel I can't make informed decisions on when I need to make
> something more strict or lazy.


When I first learned Haskell, lazyness sounded like a great idea, and I 
was somewhat puzzled as to why you would ever want to turn such a thing 
off. Fortunately (?!) after lots of experiments with the lambda calculus 
and other such things, I quickly realised that reducing large 
subexpression can sometimes be a big win. But I couldn't find much on 
the Wiki that explains all this stuff, and it would probably be quite 
useful to have!

Of course, now we need somebody to *write* the thing...

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