[Haskell-cafe] fast Array operations: foldl, drop

Roman Leshchinskiy rl at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Dec 2 16:33:42 EST 2007

Don Stewart wrote:
> I forgot to mention this early, but possibly you could use the ndp array 
> library. There are some people using its UArr type for (non parallel)
> strict arrays, that support map/fold/zip et al.
>     http://darcs.haskell.org/packages/ndp/
> This blog post recently,
>     http://sequence.complete.org/node/371
> shows at least one non-developer is using it :)
> Roman, what do you think -- are the unlifted, non-parallel arrays usably `beta'?

Yes, they definitely are. UArr uses stream fusion, BTW, so things should 
fuse sometimes.

On a more general note, we plan to put a generally usable UArr-like 
layer underneath the current standard array types eventually. This would 
provide all interesting operations as well as fusion. It might take a 
while (i.e., months) until I get around to doing it, though.


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