[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Teach Yourself Gtk2Hs in 21 Hours

Hans van Thiel hthiel.char at zonnet.nl
Sat Dec 1 14:26:05 EST 2007

Hello All,

The Gtk2Hs basics tutorial, based on the Tony Gale and Ian Main GTK+2.0
tutorial, is now available for review and comment. The TOC:

   1. Introduction
   2. Getting Started
   3. Packing
         3.1 Packing Widgets
         3.2 Packing Demonstration Program
         3.3 Packing Using Tables
   4. Miscellaneous Widgets
         4.1 The Button Widget
         4.2 Adjustments, Scale and Range
         4.3 Labels
         4.4 Arrows and Tooltips
         4.5 Dialogs, Stock Items and Progress Bars
         4.6 Text Entries and Status Bars
         4.7 Spin Buttons
   5. Aggregated Widgets
         5.1 Calendar
         5.2 File Selection
         5.3 Font and Color Selection
         5.4 Notebook
   6  Supporting Widgets
         6.1 Scrolled Windows
         6.2 Event Boxes and Button Boxes
         6.3 The Layout Container
         6.4 Paned Windows and Aspect Frames
   7. Action Based Widgets
         7.1 Menus and Toolbars
         7.2 Popup Menus, Radio Actions and Toggle Actions

This covers about half of Gtk2Hs (guesstimate) but (hopefully) most of
what's needed for the run of the mill GUI. It's available or will be on



Thanks to Alex Tarkovsky it's in XHTML and well structured for easy
maintenance and adaptation. I hope a Gtk2Hs basics tutorial will help to
popularize this large, powerful and sophisticated gui library for
Haskell. Needless to say, please don't hesitate to comment and report


Hans van Thiel

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