[Haskell-cafe] Files for Hugs on Zaurus

Ulrich Vollert ulrivo at gmx.de
Sun Aug 26 06:36:03 EDT 2007

Hi Phillipa,

Hugs is fast enough for me to work on the Zaurus.

I packed together all the files which belong to Hugs on my Zaurus and I
hope that I didnt miss something.

Unpack them to /, the files will stay in usr/local/bin, usr/local/lib
and usr/local/share.

If you want to use Hugs not only under the console, but with pdaxqtrom
(which includes a X-Server,  a gcc-Compiler and tons of other stuff), go
to http://www.users.on.net/~hluc/myZaurus/custom.html

Please tell me, whether Hugs is working for you.


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