[Haskell-cafe] Ideas

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Sat Aug 25 14:43:30 EDT 2007

Neil Mitchell wrote:
> HI
>>> Flippi (google: Haskell Flippi)
>> ...and yet haskell.org uses WikiMedia? (Which is written in something
>> bizzare like Perl...)
> Yes, but WikiMedia is a result of years of work, Flippi is a lot less.
> Wikipedia uses WikiMedia - its a tried and proven solution.

Well, I guess...

I just thought, you know, the Tcl wiki is written in Tcl, why isn't the 
Haskell wiki written in Haskell? Hey, aren't we trying to tell people is 
a *useful* language that people should learn and use? ;-)

>>>> - A "graphical programming tool". (You add boxes and put in lines, it
>>>> constructs a "program" that you can run.)
>> Have you ever played with KLogic? You draw boxes and lines, and it makes
>> some logic. (As in the digital electronics sense of "logic".)
>> I have some (very expensive) software called Reaktor. You draw boxes and
>> lines, it does DSP algorithms. You build synthesizers and effects boxes
>> with it.
> That sounds exactly like PureData - you can also do graphics as well
> with PureData, the demo I saw was very cool. Of course, PureData is
> written in C with Haskell as an extension language.

Oh. Ah well..

> The last two ideas you mentioned require a graphical user interface,
> which is an area of Haskell which is comparatively weak, compared to
> the rest of Haskell.

Yeah, I noticed. Though actually Gtk2hs isn't too bad. (There's a few 
corners that require bit-flipping and other low-level strangeness...)

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