[Haskell-cafe] newbie : multi-parameter type classes

Thomas Girod girodt at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 05:48:13 EDT 2007

Hi there.

I'm trying to define a generic graph type here and don't understand on one
error I get. Here I come.

module Graph

class (Eq n, Eq e) => Topo a n e where
    empty    :: a
    nodes    :: a -> [n]
    edges    :: a -> [e]

data Node n = Node n
    deriving (Eq,Show)

data Edge n e = Edge e (Node n) (Node n)
    deriving (Show)

instance (Eq e) => Eq (Edge n e) where
    (Edge e1 _ _) == (Edge e2 _ _) = e1 == e2

data Graph n e = Graph [Node n] [Edge n e]
    deriving (Eq,Show)

instance (Eq n, Eq e) => Topo (Graph n e) (Node n) (Edge n e) where
    empty = Graph [] []
    nodes (Graph ns _) = ns
    edges (Graph _ es) = es

My class Topo (for topography) is supposed to give the basic interface any
graph should have.

My instance is Topo (Graph n e) (Node n) (Edge n e), so the infered types of
the functions should be :

empty :: Graph n e
nodes :: Graph n e -> [Nodes n]
edges :: Graph n e -> [Edge n e]

right ?

When I load the code in GHCi, no errors. But then :

*Graph> let g = Graph [Node 0, Node 1] []
*Graph> nodes g

    No instance for (Topo (Graph Integer e1) n e)
      arising from use of `nodes' at <interactive>:1:0-6
    Possible fix:
      add an instance declaration for (Topo (Graph Integer e1) n e)
    In the expression: nodes g
    In the definition of `it': it = nodes g

And I don't understand this. How can he search for an instance of Topo
(Graph integer e1) n e) ?


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