[Haskell-cafe] Style

Arie Groeneveld bradypus at xs4all.nl
Fri Aug 24 03:18:24 EDT 2007


I defined several functions for calculating the number
of trailing zero's of n!

tm = sum . takeWhile(>0) . iterate f . f
   where f = flip div 5

tm1 n = sum . takeWhile(>0) . map (div n . (5^)) $ [1..]
tm2 n = sum . takeWhile(>0) . map (div n) $ iterate ((*)5) 5
tm3 = sum . takeWhile(>0) . flip map (iterate ((*)5) 5) . div


Which one is the most elegant one generally speaking?
Which one is most natural in Haskell?
Is there more 'beauty' to possible?

My personal choice is 'tm'.
I like 'tm3' (a revised version of tm2) in terms of
pointlessness and not having a 'where', but I think
it's a bit contrived because of the 'flip'.




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