[Haskell-cafe] Ann: Gtk2Hs Tutorial Port

Hans van Thiel hthiel.char at zonnet.nl
Thu Aug 23 09:02:39 EDT 2007

Hello All,

I've already announced this on the Gtk2Hs users' list, but for those who
are not using Gtk2Hs at the moment, but who might be interested:

I've started a port of the Gtk+2.0 tutorial by Tony Gail and Ian Main
and the first part is available on:


The chapters are:

Contents and Copyright Notice       chap1.html
Getting Started                     chap3.html
Packing Widgets                     chap4.html
Packing Demonstration Program       chap5a.html
Packing Using Tables                chap5b.html
The Button Widget                   chap6.html
Adjustments, Scale and Range        chap7.html

All examples are also available as .hs files. For a beginner, working
through these should be sufficient, so that he/she can carry on with the
original C based tutorial. The correlation between the examples and the
Gtk2Hs API is (mostly) straightforward.

But I'm working on the other widgets in the Gtk+2.0 tutorial too (might
take a while). Currently available on my own web site (but no .hs

Labels                  chap8.html
Arrows and Tooltips     chap9.html


New additions will be listed in chap1.html

As said, probably the second part of the port is not really needed, as
the Gtk2Hs API documentation maps (mostly) very clearly onto the C

Note 1: I'm not a Gtk2Hs expert, but I'm journaling my own learning
experience. The code works, but feel free to comment. Someone has kindly
promised to review this version, so it will certainly be improved later

Note 2: the Gtk+2.0 tutorial has not been updated since 2002 (if the
copyright notice is to be trusted) and does not cover everything. The
same applies to the port. Moreover, advanced widgets like Tree List are
large and complicated and will not be treated at all.

Note 3: This tutorial, and in particular the 'Getting Started' chapter,
replaces the old 'Getting Started' page, which has been removed.

Many Thanks,

Hans van Thiel 

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