[Haskell-cafe] Generic data constructor in pattern?

Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Tue Aug 21 11:07:47 EDT 2007

Consider the following example code:

	data Vector = V Float Float
	data Matrix = M Vector Vector

      liftV1 f (V x y) = V (f x) (f y)
	liftV2 f (V x1 y1) (V x2 y2) = V (f x1 x2) (f y1 y2)

	liftM1 f (M x y) = M (f x) (f y)
	liftM2 f (M x1 y1) (M x2 y2) = M (f x1 x2) (f y1 y2)

Both pairs of lift functions have almost identical implementations. Can I
merge these somehow? I know data constructors are first class values and are
not types, but if I want to merge these lift functions I have to write
something like

lift1 f (d x y) = d (f x) (f y)
lift2 f (d x1 y1) (d x2 y2) = d (f x1 x2) (f y1 y2)

But this does not work, as the pattern matcher does not seem to like this.

Peter Verswyvelen

PS: Of course I could define a single type like:

	data Pair a = P a a
	type Vector = Pair Float
	type Matrix = Pair Vector
	lift1 f (P x y) = P (f x) (f y)
	lift2 f (P x1 y1) (P x2 y2) = P (f x1 x2) (f y1 y2)

But that's beside the question :)	

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