[Haskell-cafe] a regressive view of support for imperative programming in Haskell

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Wed Aug 8 21:21:23 EDT 2007

>    IMHO and being a newbie having 20 years of professional
>    C/C++/C# experience but hardly any Haskell experience, I
>    agree with this... I find the monad syntax very confusing,
>    because it looks so much like imperative code, but it isn't.
>    Personally I also liked the Concurrent Clean approach,
>    although this also introduced extra syntax for the compiler,
>    while `cmd1 >>= \x...' does not. You have to type more, but
>    you see much clearer what is going on.
>    Peter
>    PS: It would be very nice for beginners to have a special
>    tool / text editor that allows you see the desugared form of
>    monads and other constructs...

Drop by #haskell and use lambdabot:

    11:21 dons> @undo do x <- getChar ; putChar (toUpper x)
    11:21 lambdabot> getChar >>= \ x -> putChar (toUpper x)

-- Don

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