[Haskell-cafe] Pure functional GUI (was "a regressive view of support for imperativeprogramming in Haskell")

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Wed Aug 8 18:57:45 EDT 2007

FranTk, Haggis, Fudgets, Object I/O for Haskell, Gadgets, Pictures, HTk,
Haskell Tk, HToolkit, Gtk+HS, Gtk2Hs, wxHaskell, FunctionalForms, ..

and no, that list is not exhaustive by any means (you can find abstracts 
for some of these in old haskell community reports, but a lot of functional
gui lib research pre-dates those reports). functional gui libs used to be 
one of the favourite haskell research excercises.

some of those were low-level bindings, some were high-level declarative
abstractions, but that wasn't the problem. the problem was that very nearly
all of them came and went. 

the declared goal of the current generation was to provide more long-lived
platforms, leaving most of the maintenance to others by binding directly 
to popular imperative libraries. it was always the intention that someone
would build higher-level declarative approaches on top of those bindings.


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