[Haskell-cafe] Pure functional GUI (was

Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Wed Aug 8 16:22:41 EDT 2007

Well, if you want to make it as big as QT, yes.

But even just a simple purely functionaly GUI framework that is part of the library would be nice, because right now it gives the impression it cannot be done in Haskell... E.g. Concurrent Clean seems to have a simple UI library.

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>Onderwerp: re: [Haskell-cafe] Pure functional GUI (was "a  regressive view of	support for imperativeprogramming in  Haskell")
>On Wed, 2007-08-08 at 19:14 +0000, Peter Verswyvelen wrote:
>> So could you please tell me more about the problem with pure
>> functional GUIs and why this is not part of the Haskell library? I
>> mean a GUI library completely written in Haskell, not wrapping a
>> popular library.
>Partly because just getting the drawing and interaction behaviour to be
>acceptable would be many person-years of work. 
>GUI toolkits are not especially simple things. Even if you could do it
>in just 1/10th of the number of lines of code of Gtk+ or Qt it'd be a
>massive undertaking.

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