[Haskell-cafe] creating graphics the functional way

Conal Elliott conal at conal.net
Tue Aug 7 22:11:37 EDT 2007

Hi Frank,

Pan has been bit-rotten for a while now.  Besides the unfortunate dependency
on Visual C++, it used a now long-obsolete GUI library.  That's one reason I
started working on Pajama (http://conal.net/Pajama).

There's no reason not to create modern, cross-platform successors to
Pan/Pajama and Vertigo.  Since I'm focusing on other projects (related to
Eros -- http://conal.net/papers/Eros), I'm waiting for collaborators.

Thanks for the VS Express tip.  If I wanted to stick with VS, that'd be the
way to go.

I hadn't heard about werkkzeug.  Looks pretty cool.  Thanks.

  - Conal

On 8/7/07, Frank Buss <fb at frank-buss.de> wrote:
> Hi Conal,
> I've tried some links, e.g. the pre-compiled components from
> http://conal.net/Pan/Releases/2000-12-06/ or the interactive presentation
> from http://conal.net/Pan/papers.htm , but file not found. Do you have the
> files? Would be easier than trying to setup Haskell and Visual C++
> environment for compiling it (looks like the sources link works). BTW:
> There
> is Visual Studio Express, maybe you want to update your webpage, because
> Microsoft gives it away for free, if it can be used with Pan.
> How fast is your implementation? I've downloaded "werkkzeug" from
> http://www.theprodukkt.com/werkkzeug1#25 . The user interface is a bit
> unusual, but if you start the tutorial, it can display a texture example
> with about 50 composed functions and 256x256 pixels with about 300 fps.
> I've
> emailed the author and they didn't revealed much about the implementation,
> but said it was C with some inline assembler. I assume to make it fast, a
> good idea would be to cache some calculations, e.g. if you want a swirl
> effect, for all destination image cache all source positions, for the
> desired destination image size.
> Regards,
> Frank
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