[Haskell-cafe] creating graphics the functional way

Marc A. Ziegert coeus at gmx.de
Mon Aug 6 16:18:14 EDT 2007

Am Montag, 6. August 2007 00:48 schrieb Frank Buss:
> I've created a small program to compose images with combinators:
> http://www.frank-buss.de/haskell/OlympicRings.hs.txt
> look very smooth. And it is very slow, it needs about 40 seconds on my
>computer to calculate the image. Using parametrized combinators sounds like

in that source file, you define Size and Pixel as structs of "Integer"s. that are neither unsigned chars (8_bit) nor ints (32-64_bit) nor floats (32_bit) but an artificial oo_bit int (1 int + list of bytes).
i'm sure you will gain a speedup by redefining these structs. i.e. use Float or Int instead of Integer; see Data.Int and Data.Word for more alternatives.

- marc

[code snippet from source file]
-- image size
data Size = Size { width :: Integer, height :: Integer }
	deriving (Eq, Ord, Show, Read)

-- RGB components for an image pixel
data Pixel = Pixel { r :: Integer, g :: Integer, b :: Integer }
	deriving (Eq, Ord, Show, Read)

-- helper functions for saving bytes
writeByte byte = putWord8 (fromIntegral byte)
writeBytes bytes = mapM_ putWord8 bytes

-- binary instance for saving Pixels
instance Binary Pixel where
	put (Pixel r g b) = do
		writeByte b
		writeByte g
		writeByte r
	get = error "Pixel get not supported"


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