[Haskell-cafe] When is waitForProcess not necessary?

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Thu Aug 2 23:58:20 EDT 2007

> If one is calling runInteractiveCommand for a "sure-thing" returning a small
> amount of output (say, "ls" for a modest directory"), is it necessary to call
> waitForProcess?
> My waitForProcess calls came under scrutiny when I tried to GHC profile a
> threaded process, which isn't possible. It turns out that my programs run
> faster if they don't call waitForProcess, and it sure seems empirically
> that they never fail to run correctly. It would seem to me that in a lazy
> language, later code wouldn't presume it was looking at an entire string
> until the actual EOF came through, completing the string.
> So at the end of a program, with nothing else to do but wait, why not wait
> "implicitly" rather than via an explicit call to waitForProcess? What am I
> missing?
> (I've searched this forum; an interesting example is runCommand in
>     http://happs.org/HAppS/src/HAppS/Util/Common.hs
> but I'm asking why this isn't overkill in my scenario. I'm actually calling
> Markdown.pl on tiny files (source code of lengths a human would read), and
> it is certainly sluggish enough to be a fair test.)
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You might be interested in :


In particular,
    readProcess :: FilePath                     -- ^ command to run
                -> [String]                     -- ^ any arguments
                -> String                       -- ^ standard input
                -> IO (Either ExitCode String)  -- ^ either the stdout, or an exitcode
Strict String IO for processes, without the zombies.

-- Don Stewart (Authorised by the "People for System.IO.Strict" party)

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