RE [Haskell-cafe] Monad Description For Imperative Programmer

Dan Weston westondan at
Thu Aug 2 16:19:13 EDT 2007


I am guessing that if you were Neo in The Matrix, you would have taken 
the Blue Pill. Blue Pill people ask How.

I suspect most people attracted to Haskell have already taken the Red 
Pill. Red Pill people ask Why.

It is compulsion, not self-interest, that drives Red Pill people to look 
under the hood of their programming language. If you are a Blue Pill 
person, you will never understand. If you were a Red Pill person, you 
would never have written the following paragraph.

ok wrote:
> If you've read the Science of Discworld books you will be familiar with the
> phrase 'lies-to-children'.  You DON'T tell them the full truth, because it
> would take a long time, confuse the marrow out of their bones, and leave
> them feeling this was masturbatory mathematics, not real programming,
> having no connection with real world interests.

Your students can choose for themselves whether to take the Blue Pill or 
Red Pill. The least you can do is offer them the choice.


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