[Haskell-cafe] monads and groups -- instead of loops

Greg Meredith lgreg.meredith at biosimilarity.com
Wed Aug 1 10:48:41 EDT 2007


Though the actual metaphor in the monads-via-loops doesn't seem to fly with
this audience, i like the spirit of the communication and the implicit
challenge: find a pithy slogan that -- for a particular audience, like
imperative programmers -- serves to uncover the essence of the notion. i
can't really address that audience as my first real exposure to programming
was scheme and i moved into concurrency and reflection after that and only
ever used imperative languages as means to an end. That said, i think i
found another metaphor that summarizes the notion for me. In the same way
that the group axioms organize notions of symmetry, including addition,
multiplication, reflections, translations, rotations, ... the monad(ic
axioms) organize(s) notions of snapshot (return) and update (bind),
including state, i/o, control, .... In short

group : symmetry :: monad : update

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