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I am cross posted/migrated this to Haskell-cafe per Simons request

sorry for the late response I don't check this email on weekends

I really dislike Perl as a programming language but I have to strongly 
disagree about your statements about CPAN and the quality of its
I have worked professional in Perl (Feel free to feel sorry for me) for
over a year
and I have always been impressed with what I could find in CPAN.

Perl obviously has a niche and is "well supported by its community". 

Perl is popular so it must have some merit. I don't subscribe to the
flawed reasoning that Perl Hackers just don't know any better or that
they are dumb, or intellectual inferior in some way. Programmers have
very good and valid reason for choosing their tools and I will have
words for those who irrational state otherwise especially in a
belittling manner I am pro choice.

I am going to borrow some Ebonics

"Don't language Hate Appreciate"



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Michael T. Richter wrote:
> I wish I knew the language better so I could start working on those 
> libraries.

Which ones?  "those libraries" cannot come into existence until someone
says what's actually missing.  (The bulk of CPAN is crap and is
certainly not worth being reimplemented.)

"Object-oriented programming is an exceptionally bad idea which could
only have originated in California."  -- E. W. Dijkstra

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