[Haskell-cafe] IDE support

David Waern davve at dtek.chalmers.se
Mon Apr 23 12:18:39 EDT 2007

> Have you seen the GuiHaskell project, and were you aware that there is
> a summer of code project on it? This will provide some way of
> interfacing to all compilers, and various buttons, but none of the
> editing features.

Yes, I was aware of it. My plan was to experiment with the editor, the GHC
API and Haddock 2.0, so the project is a little bit different.

> If you want to have any input, we'd be greatful. This hopefully might
> allow us to have a shared common bit.

I'm all for sharing common bits! Let's pay some attention to each others
repositories. Here's mine: http://repos.mine.nu/davve/darcs/haste2/

There's probably a lot of stuff in Cabal (that just needs to be exposed)
that we could use also.


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