[Haskell-cafe] Is there a best *nix or BSD distro for Haskell hacking?

Tom Harper rtharper at aftereternity.co.uk
Sun Apr 22 10:07:32 EDT 2007

I'd go with the one you feel is the best desktop OS.  For me that
usually counts BSD out (great server, bad desktop).  I'd stick with
your favourite version of Linux unless you have some special

On 4/22/07, David Cabana <dcabana at nc.rr.com> wrote:
> I have a spare Windows machine I want to put to better use.  I want
> to turn it into a Haskell hacking box, and was wondering whether any
> particular *nix or BSD distribution is best (or worst) suited for
> this.  Any thoughts?
> Thank you,
> David Cabana
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