[Haskell-cafe] Re: fftw bindings

Christian Jaeger christian at jaeger.mine.nu
Fri Apr 20 07:21:13 EDT 2007

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> but restricted to Intel and AMD CPUs.

This is wrong. I've just successfully compiled and run it on a PPC G3.

> compiles and runs on anything with a C compiler.

There is no PPC specific code in the sources, so djbfft did compile and
run on PPC just by virtue of a C compiler.

"The djbfft installation procedure assumes that you have a UNIX system
with gcc."

That probably means that it won't build on Windows without cygwin or
maybe MinGW; but likely that's just an issue of the build process (which
is depending on make and sh), which isn't a big deal.

Possibly it doesn't run competitively on architectures he hasn't
optimized for. If you have valuable information about this, please
provide it.


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