[Haskell-cafe] >> and sequencing [newbie]

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Mon Apr 16 21:06:34 EDT 2007

>    Donald Bruce Stewart wrote:
> david:
>    Ah... so the secret is in the hidden variables.  On some
>    level I am beginning to fear that Monads resurrect some of
>    the scariest aspects of method overriding from my OO
>    programming days.  Do you (all) ever find that the ever
>    changing nature of >>= makes code hard to read?
> You always know which monad you're in though, since its in the type.
> And the scary monads aren't terribly common anyway.
>    Also, the monad laws impose a level of sanity that most OO
>    frameworks do not, right?

Ah yes, and we have the 3 laws of monads. If you break these , the monad
police will come and lock you up.

-- Don

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