[Haskell-cafe] Re: Tutorial on Haskell

Pete Kazmier pete-expires-20070615 at kazmier.com
Mon Apr 16 20:30:27 EDT 2007

"Evan Laforge" <qdunkan at gmail.com> writes:

> It illustrates a few nice things about haskell: laziness for the
> recursive defs and easy backtracking, low syntax overhead and custom
> operators for DSLs, composability, etc.

Although that is true, I somehow feel that showing a perl, ruby, or
python programmer an alternate approach to regexps, a technique firmly
ingrained into the roots of these languages, will not garner much
interest in Haskell.  I know this is the case for me.  

In fact, it was always a large negative for me that Haskell/GHC never
had decent builtin support for regexps until recently (6.6).  From a
practical point of view, the tasks that I do frequently involve the
use of regexps (for better or worse).  Again, I'm not an academic,
just an everyday python programmer trying to assist me in my day job.

Upon thinking about this subject further, I think it would be very
important that Simon somehow incorporates at least one use of the new
regexp library.  The target audience would by more likely to consider
Haskell if it contains they're beloved tool of choice.  Later, they
can discover the elegance of parsec if needed.


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