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Steffen Mazanek haskell at steffen-mazanek.de
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Hi Neil,

Just to say, I agree with Brian totally! I've been (violently and
> forcefully) exposed to MOF tools in the past, and at every turn my
> thought was "the Haskell would be clearer, shorter and executable!"

This is true only for programming in the small, isn't it?
Furthermore, from my point of view Haskell code is very clear if we
talk about computations, in contrast the dependencies of data modelling
are harder to overview. Humans just like pictures :) Not everybody is
a hardcore Haskell hacker.

> Brian, but don't you think that you have to write a lot
> > of boilerplate code in Haskell?
> Can you give an example? Usually higher order functions, monads,
> laziness etc can combine to make the boilerplate minimal, if not
> invisible. This is exactly the kind of problem haskell-cafe will excel
> at.

I do not mean the code per se. I was talking more about structure,
modules, comments, ... Haskell hackers have invented a lot of cool
stuff to make their life easier, however this stuff often is complicated
to understand :-) or not standard compliant.

If you can generate Java code from a model, why on earth would you
> then want to generate Haskell code from it? I see know reason to use
> the assembly language called Haskell vs the assembly language called
> Java - since if you are compiling a model to anything, it is just
> serving as an assembly language.

Hmph, how to disprove this argument? Say, you have generated ddl-code
from an ER-model and now want to generate Haskell data structures that
operate on this data. How would you procede? This is similar to HaXML
that helped you to generate Haskell types for an xml schema.

Best regards,


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