[Haskell-cafe] Google SoC - student allocations

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Wed Apr 11 19:15:17 EDT 2007

Although there is still about one hour before Google officially publish
the final tally of accepted Summer of Code projects, I think I now can
safely reveal the 9 projects chosen for haskell.org, since we have no
outstanding conflicts with other mentoring orgs.

We received 64 proposals in total.  Some students made several
proposals.  Of those proposals, we wanted to mentor about 22 individual
students, but Google only gave us funding for 9, so if you weren't
accepted, that doesn't mean your proposal was bad, just that the
competition was stiff.  Also, the mentors group tended to place
language- and community-infrastructure projects at a higher priority
than just plain application-oriented libraries.

(By the way, several students who applied to haskell.org also applied to
other organisations, and may well have been accepted by them instead of

So here they are!  The list states
    * project title,
    * the student who will be funded,
    * the primary mentor from haskell.org,
    * and a set of backup mentors who have expressed interest in looking
      after things too.  (These sets may continue to grow.)

  Darcs Conlict Handling
	 Jason Dagit,
	 David Roundy
	 { Igloo, Patrik Janssen }
  Hackage Web Interface, Doc-Browser
	 Sascha B?hme,
	 Ross Paterson
	 { Simon Marlow, BryanOS, Bjorn Bringert }
  Rewrite the typechecker for YHC and nhc98
	 Mathieu Boespflug,
	 Malcolm Wallace
	 { Neil Mitchell }
  Cabal Configurations
	 Thomas Schilling,
	 Michael Isaac Jones
	 { Bjorn Bringert, BryanOS, PatrikJ, Simon Marlow, Ross }
  Update the Hat tracer
	 Kenn Knowles,
	 Malcolm Wallace
	 { PatrikJ, BryanOS }
  Generalizing Parsec to ParsecT and arbitrary input (ByteStrings)
	 Paolo Martini,
	 Philippa Jane Cowderoy
	 { Don Stewart, Dmitry Astapov, BryanOS, Bjorn Bringert }
  Shared Libraries for GHC
	 Clemens Fruhwirth,
	 Simon Marlow
	 { BryanOS }
  HTTP Library Replacement
	 Mieczys?aw B?k,
	 Bryan O'Sullivan
	 { Shae Erisson, Dmitry Astapov, Don Stewart, Bulat Ziganshin,
           Bjorn Bringert }
  Extending GuiHaskell: An IDE for Haskell Hackers
	 Asumu Takikawa,
	 Neil David Mitchell
	 { Duncan Coutts, Bulat Ziganshin }

Congratulations if you got accepted.  Commiserations if you didn't.  The
official start date of the SoC (when students begin to receive their
initial payments) is 28th May.  Until then, the students have courses
and exams (no doubt), but also (we hope) some time to familiarise
themselves with the existing codebase and background of their project.


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