[Haskell-cafe] 25k lines of ASP to 4.2k lines of Haskell, with considerably more functionality

Adam Peacock adpeac at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 23:04:32 EDT 2007

Haskell in the real world: http://braintreehemp.com.au/

Source available from:

darcs get http://braintreehemp.com.au/www.braintreehemp.com.au-WASH/

The site features:

- Written in Haskell, using WASH
- Shopping basket and checkout
- Google Maps
- Google Analytics
- Google Webmaster tools
- Template Haskell for HaskellDB description (describe a table or a
field in one line)
- GPL, execpt where stated otherwise.

- Heavyweight Content Management System (CMS)
-- Froogle RSS generator
-- Configurable help for each page
-- Concept of inventory levels
-- Concept of users and permissions
-- Naive-user management of products, users, and page content
-- XML import tool and wizard for inventory level reconciliation
between warehouse and site database

CMS screen shots at:


Why did I write the site in Haskell? First, I was ask to fix the site
that was selling products they didn't have in stock. Once I looked at
the source code, 25000 lines of ASP, I reckoned it would be easier to
rewrite it in a real language. Second, I couldn't find any commercial
sites written in Haskell, and I thought this would be a good chance.

The new site has considerably more functionality and is a little over
4200 lines of Haskell. The original site could only display and sell
products, without any consideration of whether any were currently in
stock. Furthermore, the site content could only be maintained by an
expert user. See the old site at

If anyone wants to have a play with the CMS, email me privately, and
I'll give you a nobody login.


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