[Haskell-cafe] flip dot

Tim Walkenhorst tim.walkenhorst at gmx.de
Thu Sep 28 07:27:19 EDT 2006

> Thoughts?

Without considering the subtleties of the different meanings of "." in 
Haskell, I fail to see what people find so exciting about left to right 
function composition. I find "not . null" much easier to read than "null 
 >>> not", let alone ".null.not".

IMO, the following are good reasons for keeping the current 
semantics/notation of ".":
- It's a conventional notation (, unlike for example >>>).
- It makes it easy to switch back and force between point-wise($) and 
point-free(.) notation when appropriate. I do this a lot.

If I were to fix the language I would probably use something like ":" or 
"::" for selection and keep "." for composition.


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