[Haskell-cafe] Unable to profile program using Data.ByteString.Lazy

Ketil Malde ketil+haskell at ii.uib.no
Wed Sep 27 03:06:26 EDT 2006

"Jason Dagit" <dagit at eecs.oregonstate.edu> writes:

> Ubuntu seems to be a bit behind then.  The current official release of
> the 6.4 branch is at 6.4.2.  Debian seems to provide this version,
> maybe you can use the debian package?  But, if I were you I wouldn't
> worry so much about upgrading ghc but instead upgrading Cabal which is
> much simpler and takes just a second.

I've asked them to backport 6.4.2 for dapper, but they are reluctant
as it would require backporting all third party software (or at least
libraries) as well. 

I filed a request to backport it, but for some reason, I am unable to
find it again.  If you can make sense of the hopeless launchpad user
interface, feel free to add you voice to the choir.

>>  You're cabal version is too old then. Try updating either Cabal or GHC.

>>  It's the latest version (6.4.1) packaged for Ubuntu. I'll have to download
>> and install a newer version manually. Unfortunately, the download site seems
>> to be down again.... :(

The currently easiest way out is to install a binary snapshot.  It
would sure be nice to have a working ghc as part of the base
distribution, with automatically upgrades etc.  Let's hope they put a
stable 6.6 into Edgy. 

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