[Haskell-cafe] Re: Is Haskell a 5GL?

Max Vasin max.vasin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 14:41:20 EDT 2006

>>>>> "Ch" == Ch A Herrmann <herrmann at uni-passau.de> writes:
>it's a BottomthGL language :)
Ch> That's a religious statement.  I was looking for some strong
Ch> arguments for the nonbelievers that Haskell is a 5GL.
But what about nonbelievers in language classification by generation?
As already mentioned you can write algorithms in Haskell (3GL), embed
a DSL in it and write a program in that DSL or in several DSLs (4GL).
AFAIK Mathematica is not a logic programming language, thus all its
features can be implemented in Haskell as library, will be Haskell a 5GL
in this case?

Max Vasin.

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