[Haskell-cafe] Either e Monad

Deokhwan Kim dk at ropas.snu.ac.kr
Tue Sep 19 03:40:58 EDT 2006

Albert Lai wrote:
 > Deokhwan Kim <dk at ropas.snu.ac.kr> writes:
 >> Where is the Monad instance declaration of Either e?
 > It is in Control.Monad.Error as well.  Strange: the doc doesn't state it.

Thanks a lot, Albert! I found the declaration in 
libraries/mtl/Control/Monad/Error.hs of the ghc source distribution:

   instance (Error e) => Monad (Either e) where
           return        = Right
           Left  l >>= _ = Left l
           Right r >>= k = k r
           fail msg      = Left (strMsg msg)

Deokhwan Kim

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