[Haskell-cafe] ffi question

Maverick maverick_as_2000 at yahoo.es
Wed Sep 13 14:41:11 EDT 2006

Hi, I have a question about ffi in Hugs98 (WinHugs-May2006.exe), the Hugs98 documentation says:
  "Only the ccall, stdcall and dotnet calling conventions are supported. All others are   flagged as errors."
  But I can't get a dotnet import, the ffihugs returns me an error:
  ffihugs "example.hs" "Prueba.cs" -lm
  runhugs: Error occurred
  ERROR "example.hs":6 - Foreign import calling convention "dotnet" not supported
  Why is this? hugs really don't support the "dotnet" calling convention or I have an error?.
  Alvaro S.

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