[Haskell-cafe] HaXml and ghci unresolved symbol

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Sun Sep 10 09:00:43 EDT 2006

Il Sun, Sep 10, 2006 at 01:56:25PM +0200, Udo Stenzel ebbe a scrivere:
> Hrm, you're accessing a symbol presumably found in a library that isn't
> loaded.  Either GHC cannot find the library, which shouldn't happen if
> you're using the right package switch, or the .hi file you compiled
> against is out of synch with the library, which also shouldn't happen,
> as both were compiled from the same source.
> - Did you compile and install HaXml from source?  If not, was the binary
>   meant for the version of GHC you're using?

I installed from source, compiling by myself.

> - Did you update anything after doing so?  Some library, GHC itself, ...?

No. Installed HaXml and tried it with this results.

> - Did you use weird compiler switches (profiling on/off with missing
>   profiling libraries)?

No. Just the HaXml default ones. Nothing weird as far as I can see.

> - Did you move things around after compiling?  Broken package database?
>   configure --user with install --global or vice versa?

No. Also because that would result in ghc not compiling the code, I
think. Instead, the code *gets* compiled by ghc, *but not* loaded by
ghci: same code, obviously.

> - Did you install more than one version of HaXml?  Or are remnants of
>   failed installation attempts still in the search path?

No, just version 1.13.1. No failed attempts whatsoever.
> You could try the brute force approach of just exploding the source tree
> of HaXml right into your project directory and not using the installed
> package at all.  ghc --make should be able to pick up the sources and
> compile them without further ado.  For hxml this might actually be the
> right thing to do, because it's so small.  However, if you didn't mess
> with the internals of some package, your problem is just weird.

I did not mess with anything. I believe my problem is weird, indeed.
The solution you describe is feasible, but I'd like to get the general
problem solved...;-)

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