[Haskell-cafe] BSPHlib-0.1 Release

Frederico Franzosi ffranzosi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 23:52:30 EDT 2006

Is with happiness that I announce my first project release.

I announced it as an idea to the summer of code and as Paolo Martini
said to me that it was a "good idea" I decided to publish it.

The link to the summer of code proposal follows:
That link briefly explains what BSPHlib is.

To download the source:

I know that many mistakes are likely to appear and I am counting on
the community to help me as I am trying to help the community with my
still poor coding hability. I have tested that code and it has done
some good job, hope I can hear the same from you.

In a few weeks the code will be in a darcs repository in order to make
code management more organized.

Any questions, corrections, patches or suggestions please mail me.


Frederico Franzosi

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