[Haskell-cafe] practice problems?

Tamas K Papp tpapp at Princeton.EDU
Sun Sep 3 04:15:48 EDT 2006


I am a Haskell newbie.  Having read some tutorials (Yet Another,
Gentle Introduction) and some papers/tutorials on monads, I would like
to spend some time practicing what I have learned before embarking on
more abstract/obscure things and/or using Haskell for everyday tasks.

I am looking for small to medium sized practice problems, preferably
with solutions.  Hal Daume's tutorial had some good one-liners (eg
rewrite something point-free) but I am looking for something which
would take 1-3 hours for a newbie, and then I could look at a solution
by a Haskell expert and discover what I could have done better/more

Online references (or even book suggestions) would be appreciated.  If
you are teaching Haskell and have problems with confidential solution
sets (some instructors like it that way), I can promise not to
disclose the latter ;-)



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